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Juliet Park

Trainer and Examiner for AQA and Head of MFL,
Rodillian Academy

Juliet Park is a renowned speaker, author and CPD trainer covering primary to A-level languages and is subject leader for a Leeds-based school where she is also responsible for driving language initiatives as part of a wider curriculum policy. Juliet is a lead trainer and examiner for AQA, works across trusts as an MFL consultant and supports organisations on a wide variety of projects. She is an SSAT lead practitioner in formative assessment and has recently worked on a project lead by Dylan William to support senior leaders in a variety of schools to transform teaching and learning.

  • Develop strategies for the teaching of vocabulary using identification to enhance sentence building skills
  • Gain techniques and exercises which can support the building of a pupil’s verb lexicon
  • Designing an engaging MFL curriculum which supports vocabulary and grammar development
  • Explore successful strategies for the teaching, learning and testing of vocabulary including utilising IT, flipped learning and peer to peer exercises
  • Analyse proven methods for ensuring the retention of vocabulary and grammar learning through purposeful and meaningful practice exercises