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David Shanks

Federation MFL Consultant and Lead Practitioner: MFL Course Lead,
Harris Federation

David works as the Lead MFL Consultant for the Harris Federation, developing the languages provision across a large group of secondary and primary schools in London. He taught English in France and Maths/ICT in Norway before training at the Institute of Education and teaching French in London for the past 9 years. He has delivered on a range of MFL teacher training courses and is a member of Association for Language Learning national council. He guest blogs on MFL for Oxford Education’s “MFL: Teaching Languages Today” blog and tweets under @HFLanguages

  • An overview of 3 years working across Harris Federation to raise the profile of Languages and improve teaching, learning and outcomes in MFL
  • Raising the profile of MFL across a school with lead teachers, the pooling of resources and the delivery of MFL awareness/student experience programmes
  • Measuring and evaluating MFL engagement and uptake at secondary level and targeting resources and teaching to meet the needs of pupils
  • Enhancing MFL attainment with assessment benchmarking, monitoring and a peer to peer strategy to ensure high quality teaching outcomes
  • Drawing on research and assessing what constitutes high quality MFL teaching pedagogy
  • Capitalising on technology and networks to share ideas and methods which have enhanced MFL learning outcomes
  • Ensuring long term professional development, including delivery of bursary-funded Teacher Subject Specialist Training (TSST) for MFL teachers