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Bernadette Clinton

British Council Ambassador and MFL Consultant,
Hackney Learning Trust

Bernadette has worked as a freelance consultant for the Hackney Learning Trust since 2013. She has successfully implemented Spanish across all primary schools and supported the secondary schools to make Spanish their first foreign language. Previously she was the MFL Adviser in Enfield. She has taught in all sectors from Key Stage 2 to post graduates at university. She currently works on the Teacher Education courses at Middlesex University. Bernadette was made a Fellow of the International Professional Development Association (IPDA) in recognition of her international work and workshops that she has run with headteachers in Ghana, Spain, China and USA. Her degree is in Mandarin.

  • Setting high expectations of MFL attainment at Key Stage 2
  • Ensuring clear transition systems as well as developing respectful relationships between primary and secondary level
  • Assessing the importance of developing and building on prior language knowledge developed at primary level